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May 26, 2024

We Will Never Forget

   Worcester 6     

December 3, 1999

FDNY 343 

 September 11, 2001

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Most commonly used Dispatch Codes


111 Building Fire 

113 Cooking fire, confined to container (detector activated) 

118 Trash or Rubbish fire, contained 

131 Passenger vehicle fire 

154 Dumpster or other outside receptacle fire 


Rescue and EMS 

300 Rescue/EMS call, Refusal or Non-Transport 

321 EMS call 

322 Vehicle accident with injuries 

323 Motor vehicle Vs. Pedestrian accident 

353 Removal of victim(s) from stalled elevator 


Hazardous Condition (No Fire)

400 Hazardous condition 

411 Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill

424 Carbon Monoxide lncident 

440 Electricalwiring/equipmentproblem 

442 Overheated motor 

443 Light ballast breakdown 

444 Power line down 

445 Arcing,shortedelectricalequipment 

463 Vehicle accident clean-up 


Service Calls

500 Service call 

511 Lockout 

520 Water problem 

571 Cover Assignment 


Good lntent Call 

600 Good intent call 

611 Dispatched and cancelled en route 

625 Wrong location 

650 Steam or other gas, mistaken for smoke 

651 Smoke scare or odor of smoke (call was received w/no activation) 

653 BBQ or tar kettle 

661 Non-EMS Transport, Step Van or Wagon 


False Alarm and False Call 

710 Malicious or mischievious false call 

711 Municipal alarm, malicious false alarm 

712 Direct tie to FD, malicious false alarm 

730 System malfunction, other 

733 Smoke detector activation due to malfunction 

735 Alarm System sounding, due to malfunction 

736 CO detector activation due to malfunction 

740 Unintentional transmission of alarm (accidental pull station) 

741 Sprinkler activation, no fire 

743 Unintentional Smoke detector activation (water leak or dust) 

745 Alarm system sounding, no fire unintentional (testing system) 

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