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Cambridge Fire Department Special Divisions
Oct 09, 2015

Chief of Department, Gerald R. Reardon, 617-349-4900, email

Assistant Chief, James F. Burns, 617-349-4976, email; Responsible for: Technical Services Division, Fire Prevention Division, Training Division, Fire Investigation Unit, Administrative Services

Assistant Chief, Gerard E. Mahoney, 617-349-4970, email; Responsible for: Firefighting Divisions 1 & 2, EPAC Office, Personnel Matters, Emergency Management, Media Relations/Public Information

Fire Investigations Unit, Captain Thomas Cahill, 617-349-4916, email

Fire Prevention Bureau, Deputy Chief Peter A. Donovan, 617-349-4967, email 

E.P.A.C.(Emergency Preparedness and Coordination), Deputy Chief Brian J. Gover, 617-349-4944, email 

Technical Services Division, Assistant Chief James F. Burns, 617-349-4920, email

Training Division, Deputy Chief Robert E. Rossi, 617-349-4941, email 

Administrative Services, Ms. Melinda Camara, 617-349-4924, email 

Oct 09, 2015

The Cambridge Fire Department's EMTs and Paramedics are assigned to every station and unit in the Department.  As of June 17, 2013 the Department had 228 EMT's, 57 of whom were Paramedics.  Captain Jeremy A. Walsh coordinates and oversees the training and recertification of paramedic members, while the Training Division oversees recertification of EMTs and First Responders.

Contact Information:

Captain Jeremy A. Walsh, Paramedic Coordinator, 617-349-4972, email

Oct 09, 2015

The Cambridge Fire Investigations Unit (FIU) responds to all major fires in the city, and is available 24 hours a day to investigate any incident where Incident Commanders request an investigator.  The duties of the fire investigator include structure fires, motor vehicle fires, burns, explosions, and the investigation & enforcement of all laws and statutes related to fires & investigations. 

The unit works closely with the Cambridge Police Department and other local fire departments and law enforcement agencies with the common goal of eliminating incendiary fires.

FIU tracks causes of all fires, explosions and burns, accidental or incendiary, to interrupt trends in these fires.

The unit works with the local District Attorney’s office and the local police in maintaining a Juvenile Fire Setters program which acts to educate youthful offenders and deter them from future crimes. 

FIU has completed numerous origin and cause investigations during FY 2012, and the active role within the community has contributed to a steady decline of incendiary fires since the units inception in 1979. 

The Chief Investigator of the Division reports to the Chief of Fire Prevention.

Contact Information:

Deputy Chief Thomas F. Cahill, Lead Investigator, 617-349-4975.

Firefighter Peter J. Mickiewicz, Investigator, 617-349-4916

Mailing Address: Fire Headquarters; 491 Broadway; Cambridge, MA 02138


Oct 09, 2015

The Bureau of Fire Prevention is responsible for providing fire and life safety protection to the public by ensuring fire code compliance and enforcement of the Fire Prevention Laws, Regulations, and Building Codes. Two  major functions of the Bureau are the review of engineered building plans for all life safety systems and the inspection and testing of any installation, alteration, modification, or repair to any fire alarm, sprinkler or suppression system. Additional responsibilities include:

Issuance of permits as mandated by MGL Chapter 148; 527CMR (Board of Fire Prevention Regulations); and 780CMR (Massachusetts State Building Code).

Administer the state mandated inspection program conducted by fire suppression personnel for public and private schools, hospitals, hotels, clinics, day care centers, theaters and nursing homes.

Administer the residential smoke detector compliance law and supervise the smoke detector inspection program conducted by fire suppression personnel.

Conduct inspections for the issuance of Certificate of Occupancy and Smoke Detector Certifications.

Conduct inspections as required by the City of Cambridge License Commission

Administer the Fire Detail program as required for public safety.

Administer and perform inspections of the state mandated fuel storage tank regulations.

Administer the annual flammable storage permits and supervise the inspection by suppression forces.

Provide the necessary resources required for public events.

Perform inspections of restaurants and nightclubs as part of the City Managers License Task Force.

Investigate and mitigate complaints received from the public, other city agencies, and the fire suppression forces that involve fire hazard and life safety code violations.  

The Bureau of Fire Prevention reports directly to the Chief of Department. The division is staffed with one Deputy Chief, two Fire Captains and one Fire Lieutenant.

Our office is located at Fire Department Headquarters, 491 Broadway (corner of Broadway and Cambridge streets)
Office hours are Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm. (Except holidays)


Permits are issued from the permit counter located on the second floor. Payment is made by cash or check. Please make checks payable to the City of Cambridge.

Fire Inspections are by appointment only. Please call the following numbers to schedule a fire inspections:

  • Smoke Detector Sale of Residential Property Compliance Inspection, please call (617) 349-4921
  • Certificate of Occupancy and all other inspections, please call (617) 349-4918

Important: If a Certificate of Occupancy Inspection is required in addition to a Smoke Detector Compliance Inspection, please call the Fire Prevention Office at (617) 349-4918. Both inspections will be done together.

Smoke detector and carbon monoxide permits for the sale of residential property are issued daily from 8-10AM and 2-3PM

Contact Information:

Deputy Chief Peter Donovan, 617-349-4967, email

Captain Paul Marinelli, 617-349-4968, email

Lieutenant David Pierce, 617-349-4916, email

Lieutenant Christopher Towski, 617-349-4990, email

Oct 09, 2015

Click links below for information on each unit:

Tactical Medic Team

Marine Unit

Tactical Rescue

Dive Rescue Team

HazMat Operations

Oct 09, 2015

The Technical Services Division is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all equipment required to provide Fire Department services to the city and citizens of Cambridge. This Department supplies eight firehouses and is responsible for the upkeep of these buildings. Six of these buildings are at least a century old. While these are sturdy structures, their historic status presents unique problems when repairs are required.

The Technical Services Division also provides information technology (IT) to the Department’s members and is part of a Public Safety IT Team which manages all of the computers, servers and other IT equipment for Cambridge Public Safety. This Team works with the City’s Information Technology Department on various projects. The Technical Services Division also procures and repairs the communication equipment for all the City departments.

Project management and maintenance of the City 800 MHz radio system is also assigned to this Division. Considerable assistance was given to the Emergency Communications Department by placing new equipment in service and in implementing new dispatch protocols.

A motor squad, consisting of two personnel, is under the command of the Technical Services Division. This squad performs high quality repair of fire apparatus and other specialty apparatus in a timely fashion

Contact Information:

Assistant Chief James F. Burns, Department Head; email 617-349-4976

Lieutenant Steven C. Brown; email  617-349-4977

Firefighter Dennis J. Maragioglio; email 617-349-4920

Glenn Turner, Radio/IT Manager; email 617-349-4978

David Mahoney, Radio and Information Systems Specialist; email 617-349-4929

Motor Squad

Steve Lopez, Head of Motor Squad; email 617-349-3295

Daniel Lopez, Chief Mechanic; email 617-349-3295

Oct 09, 2015

The Training Division is responsible for continuing training of all Department members. The officers provide training in a multitude of subjects. This training prepares firefighters to effectively perform their duties in a safe fashion. Training is conducted in the classroom, at various locations within the City and within the Metro Boston area, including tours and pre-fire planning of commercial, industrial and transportation occupancies.  The Safety Division is also coordinated by members of the Training Division, operating under the guidelines of the Incident Command System.

Contact Information:

Deputy Chief Robert E. Rossi, Training Coordinator; email 617-349-4941

Captain Jeremy A Walsh, Paramedic/EMT Coordinator; email 617-349-4972

Lieutenant Philip Amenkowicz, Training Officer; email 617-349-4941

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