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August 30, 2016

We Will Never Forget

   Worcester 6     

December 3, 1999

FDNY 343 

 September 11, 2001


What's New at Local 30


For those of you who still visit our website, the Member Log-In was updated to active members only. The reason behind this change was for easier utilization and tracking of the new "Member Resources" notification features on the website and our new mobile app. The majority of the content will continue to be available wihout a password. Some of the non-sensitive items were moved to the main menu and others will have the password protection lifted for your convenience. Use the "Contact Us" form if you're interested in receiving a new login to have access to any specific Member Resources folders. 

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you all a long, happy, and healthy retirement!


Download: 2016 Reebok Recognition Schedule.pdf
HI all,
I wanted to reach out because here at Leland's campaign we're beginning to prepare for GOTV and I wanted to reach out to you and your members now and periodically leading up to GOTV to see if anyone is interested in helping the campaign get out the vote in the first week of September.
Most pressing to the campaign at the moment is determining who would be willing to be a staging location director. I've attached a description of what that entails. I've also attached a description of what poll watchers will be doing in case any of your members have interest in that as well.
Feel free to circulate this google form to your members, it's a sign up for people to use if they are interested in canvassing, phone banking, sign holding or in filling one of the roles mentioned above.
As always don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 
All the best,
Sam Medeiros
Leland Cheung for State Senate
(774) 644 3090

Download: Pole Watcher Description.pdf , Staging Location.pdf

* Registration Form attached

Download: Registration Form.pdf

From:     The Office of the President

Date:      May 1, 2016


Brothers & Sisters:

As Union Fire Fighters, although we are prohibited from going on strike, the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, have, and always will respect, and fully support, any members of Organized Labor, who exercise their right to strike.

As a reminder, NO member of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts should EVER cross the picket line of ANY Labor organization.

I regrettably report, that we have received word from our Union Brothers and Sisters from Verizon, of PFFM members crossing their picket lines.

I sincerely hope that is not the case.  As a reminder - ANY member found crossing a picket line will be subject to union discipline, and can be brought up on union charges to include fines and/or penalties.  Such fines and penalties have been challenged and upheld by the National Labor Relations Board.

In closing, allow me to be perfectly clear: Under NO circumstances, will crossing of ANY picket line by PFFM members, be tolerated.

Remember - United we bargain - divided we beg. Our Union Brothers & Sisters have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us, during EVERY contract and arbitration battle, and now more than ever, we must stand with them.


Edward A. Kelly


Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts 



Brothers and Sisters,

The results for the election are posted below. 198 ballots were received from the membership. Please Note: The unopposed positions were given the unaminous vote for simplicity reasons by the American Arbitration Association (each candidate received 1 vote casted by the Election Commissioner during the nominations).


Congratulations FF Jeremy Collins

Season 31 Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance 


We're so happy for you & your family

and also very proud of the way you represented yourself and the CFD!

Thank you


Brothers and Sisters,

Local 30 has designed a mobile app for both Apple and Android phones. Search the App Store or Google Play for “Cambridge Local 30”, “Local 30”, or “IAFF 30”. The app is synced with the website and will give the membership another outlet to receive up-to-date information and notifications at the convenience of your phones. In addition to the existing content from the website, some new key features on the app includes Shift Trade Requests and most importantly, faster/easier access to the Detail Availability and Shift Calendars. Local 30 will be utilizing Push Notifications in addition to the email blasts and text messages. (Please Note: Members must Allow notifications when the app is downloaded to receive them). The app is free and is also available to the public. There is a Member Resources section for the private union/department information. Your USERNAME and PASSWORD to access the Member Resources and Shift Calendar sections will be the same as it is for the website. To make it hassle free and faster to navigate for each future use, you will only need to enter your information upon the initial login. For new and existing members, it’s very important to update your information and notification options on the website in the User Settings. Please add your personal email and cell phone # to help maximize our communication efforts. Your info is secure and will not be available to anyone outside the L30 member directory! However, if you still have concerns, there is also an option in the settings that your email will not be viewable to the directory but can still receive notifications.  

Please contact me if you need to set up your login for the website. As always, please let me know if you have any questions, problems, or requests about either the website or the mobile app.


Thank you,


Lieutenant Brandon Hugh

Engine 5  /  Group 3

Local 30 Webmaster

MDA Coordinator

(617) 529-1844

Patch & Badge Small


All Members,

Please see the attached pdf copy of a letter from Chief Patrick Sullivan of the Somerville Fire Department.

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